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Eversource settles unfair, deceptive Natural Gas marketing allegations

Connecticut has reached a $1.8 million dollar settlement with Eversource over alleged false and deceptive high-pressure tactics seeking to entice consumers to convert to natural gas.

Attorney General William Tong says Eversource misled homeowners to get them to switch to natural gas.  He called the high-pressure tactics unacceptable coming from any business, much less a regulated utility. Eversource has already paid the civil penalty imposed by the Public Utilities Regulatory Authority, and now they will pay an additional $1.8 million to settle these consumer protection allegations.

Tong opened an investigation following notices from Eversource claiming homeowners would be unable to connect to natural gas once their road had been resurfaced due to a “paving moratorium.” The notices claimed if current heating equipment fails, homeowners will not be able to connect to natural gas.

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