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Pfizer studying the effects of booster shots

A top Pfizer executive said Thursday the pharmaceutical company is studying the effects of booster shots and whether they should be administered six or 12 months after a patient receives the first two doses of the company’s vaccine.

“What we know today is that we have a highly effective vaccine that is safe, that the duration of protection, as we know it, is to six months today,” said Angela Hwang, the group president of the Pfizer Biopharmaceuticals Group.

Given the COVID-19 variants that have become prevalent around the world, Hwang said, “the need to boost is in our reality. And so it’ll just be a matter of figuring out at which time interval is that.”

As of Thursday, eight different variants have been identified in Connecticut. The largest number of cases, 469, stem from the variant first detected in the U.K.

Hwang, a Connecticut resident, credited Pfizer’s research and development operation in Groton with playing a “really pivotal role” in the manufacturing of the company’s vaccine. The Groton site has been involved in the manufacturing of lipids, or organic compounds that are fatty acids.

“These lipids, which are used to make the vaccine, were made in Groton, and the lipids that were made in Groton have contributed to over 100 million doses of the vaccine,” she said.

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