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Retail cannabis establishments, micro-cultivators applicants picked in lottery

Some retail cannabis establishments and micro-cultivators have been selected in a general lottery. The Connecticut Department of Consumer Protection Adult-Use Cannabis program has notified six retail applicants and two micro-cultivator applicants that they can proceed with the next steps in the licensure process.
The general lottery included all applicants who applied directly to the general lottery, as well as all applicants who were not selected in the Social Equity Lottery. The selected applications represent the maximum number of licenses available for the retailer and micro-cultivator license types in the first lottery round. Additional licenses will be available in future lotteries.

The approved applicants and their backers have been asked to submit additional information for the required background check and provisional license application, which will be reviewed by the department. The background check is conducted by a third-party processing company and agency's review of the applications is expected to take several weeks. Once the review is complete, qualifying applicants are required to pay the appropriate fees and move forward with the next phase of licensure, including establishing their business for operation.
The Micro-Cultivator applicants that can complete the next steps for licensure are Debbie's Dispensary and Chillax LLC

The retailer applicants are Sara's Dispensary, Debbie’s Dispensary, Hydra East, SLAP ASH and two called Shangri-La CT Inc.

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