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Moving company finds people relocating to CT, VT, ND

United Van Lines has ranked Connecticut near the top for people choosing to migrate.  In a departure from previous years where it was outbound migration, there's new findings that people are moving to Connecticut.  Governor Ned Lamont says the state is ranked 3rd, where COVID was a contributing factor, in choosing to migrate to the state only behind Vermont and North Dakota.  The most outbound migration because of COVID came from Washington DC, New York and Nevada. The moving company surveyed customers about moving motivations and patterns amid the COVID-19 pandemic. The findings between March and August revealed the leading contributing factors in customers’ decisions to move indicated concern for personal and family health and well-being. According to the findings, there was an overall nationwide decline in moving requests from March to May compared to the same period in 2019.  However, moving interest in September is notably higher than the previous year, 32% increase.


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