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Emissions testing resumes in Connecticut

Emissions testing resumes in Connecticut following a nearly month long pause due to a malware attack on the system used by this state and 7 others. 

Applus Technologies restored service to all Connecticut emissions test centers Tuesday.

The DMV enacted a plan to tackle the backlog which provides customers ample time to complete their testing.  Customers impacted by the outage now have up to 60-days to complete their emissions testing requirements.  If the emissions test or the retest expired between March 30th and April 30th, motorists must complete testing by June 30th. 

The DMV will also waive all emissions test late fees through June 30th.

Records indicate that approximately 53,300 vehicles were due for their emissions test between March 30th and April 26th.

The malware attack was initially detected on March 30th by Applus Technologies.  It temporarily interrupted vehicle inspection and emissions testing programs. A thorough investigation is still underway, although Applus is not currently aware of any risk to personal data for motorists in Connecticut.

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