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Lawmakers get warning for excessive drinking during sessions

HARTFORD, Conn. (AP) - Connecticut Speaker of the House Matt Ritter says lawmakers who continue to drink alcohol excessively during legislative sessions could face serious consequences, including losing coveted committee assignments. The Hartford Democrat said on Wednesday that both he and House Majority Leader Jason Rojas, D-East Hartford, have admonished members of the Democratic House caucus "on multiple occasions" about drinking in the legislative complex, including the parking garage, while the House is in session. They stressed it's not widespread. The state Capitol building is currently closed to the public and many House members are voting from their offices due to COVID-19.  State Rep. Robin Comey of Branford, on Wednesday issued a public apology for her behavior last week when she was seen stumbling over her words during an evening House debate. Her unusual conduct, captured on Connecticut Network television footage, prompted lawmakers to stop the proceedings and rush to her aid.

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