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Conn. issues 'finding of immediate jeopardy' at nursing home in Norwich

The Connecticut Department of Public Health announced Monday it has determined residents of a Norwich nursing home where there’s been a cluster of new COVID-19 cases, including three deaths, are in “immediate jeopardy” and demanded the Three Rivers Healthcare come up with a plan for corrective action within 10 days.

By issuing a “finding of immediate jeopardy,” the state agency determined it found violations of federal standards inside the facility that are serious enough to “risk imminent harm to life,” DPH said. The agency is also investigating whether the facility violated any state regulations, laws or executive orders.

A message seeking comment with administrators at the facility was not immediately returned.

DPH has been investigating the outbreak since Aug. 17. To date, there have been infections of 21 residents and five staff. Three of the residents who tested positive have died and one is still hospitalized. The rest, DPH said, are recovering at the facility, segregated from the other residents who did not test positive.

DPH determined the facility failed to initially group residents who had tested positive to prevent the transmission of COVID-19 and failed to use personal protective equipment in accordance with federal standards. There were a number of other findings, including failure to maintain a 14-day quarantine for a resident exposed to COVID-19.


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