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2022 fall archery hunting seasons for deer, turkey open tomorrow

The state Department of Energy and Environmental Protection reminds hunters that the 2022 fall archery hunting seasons for deer and turkey open tomorrow, on state and private land.   
Fall archery hunting season for deer and wild turkey goes to the end of December on private lands and state land bowhunting only areas and to the end of January 2023 on private lands in Deer Management Zones 11 and 12.   
On state lands open to hunting, the archery season runs from September 15 to November 15 and from December 21 through the end of December.   

Archery deer hunting is allowed on private lands on Sundays in all Deer Management Zones.   

Wild turkeys CANNOT be hunted on Sunday anywhere in the state, nor can turkeys be harvested over bait.   DEEP Wildlife Biologist Andrew LaBonte says if weather conditions are anything like they were in 2021, with high temperatures and wind during much of the early bow season, it could have another big impact, with lower-than-expected harvests.

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