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Judge rules against GOP gubernatorial candidate in fight with Independent Party

Republican candidate for governor Bob Stefanowski lost his lawsuit against the Independent Party of Connecticut.  A judge made the decision yesterday and Independent nominee Rob Hoatling will be on the ballot.  Hoatling says he's pleased the judge has ruled in his favor, calling it good for the democratic process. 

Stefanowski wasn’t suing to get on the ballot, but to get Hotaling off.  During the caucus, it was a tie of 79 to 79, and he challenged the results, saying the party’s by-laws don't include ranked choice voting.  The chairman broke the tie, voting for Hotaling.  Mike Telesca testified in court that ranked choice voting has been an established practice for 20 years and it was the way Stefanowski won the Independent nomination when he ran for governor in 2018.

Stefanowski called yesterday's ruling that the minor party chairmen can choose to effectively ignore their own by-laws in order to achieve a desired political result, disappointing.  He urged the legislature to consider a remedy to address this issue in the future.
Stefanowski says he saw an injustice and sought to right a wrong on his behalf and on behalf of Independent Party members.

Democratic incumbent Governor Ned Lamont and running mate Susan Byscewicz received a cross-endorsements from the working families party and the Griebel-Frank Party for Connecticut, and will appear 3 times on the November ballot.

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