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Resident Game Bird Conservation Stamp needed to hun in Conn.

The 2022 fall archery hunting seasons for deer and turkey open tomorrow, on state and private land.  State Department of Energy and Environmental Protection Wildlife Biologist Andrew LaBonte says the best hunting opportunities still exist in the southwest corner of the state and many of the shoreline towns, especially for bowhunters.  He notes that many landowners use the archery deer hunting season as a safe and effective means of reducing deer populations, especially in the more developed areas of the state where firearms hunting may not be feasible.

A Resident Game Bird Conservation Stamp was established in 2016, which replaces all turkey permits and the Pheasant Stamp, and is required to hunt any resident (non-migratory) game birds, including wild turkey, pheasant, ruffed grouse, partridge, and quail. The cost of the Resident Game Bird Conservation Stamp is $28 for adult residents and non-residents; $14 for Connecticut hunters ages 12 through 17.   
All revenues from the sale of Resident Game Bird Conservation Stamps will be deposited into a separate, non-lapsing account to use exclusively for game birds and their habitat.    
Landowners with 10 or more contiguous acres may take turkeys on their property with the Free Landowner Resident Game Bird Conservation Stamp or Resident Game Bird Conservation Stamp.    There is no additional bag limit for turkeys due to the Free Landowner Game Bird Conservation Stamp.   

When hunters harvest a deer or turkey, they are required to fill out a Harvest Tag, sign it, and keep the Harvest Tag with the animal until it is processed for consumption. Copies of Harvest Tags and instructions are in the printed version of the 2022 Connecticut Hunting and Trapping Guide, as well as on the DEEP website.   
Hunters are required to report their deer and turkey harvest within 24 hours either on the DEEP website or by calling a toll-free number (1-877-337-4868).   

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