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Stop & Shop supermarket workers in 3 states go on strike

PROVIDENCE, R.I. (AP) - Workers at Stop & Shop supermarkets in three states have gone on strike over stalled contract negotiations.

United Food & Commercial Workers union workers from several locals walked off the job Thursday in Massachusetts, Rhode Island and Connecticut. More than 31,000 employees authorized union leaders to call for a strike.

Stop & Shop is a division of Dutch supermarket giant Ahold Delhaize and has 415 stores across the Northeast.

The company said in a statement posted on its website that it was disappointed with the strike given that negotiations are ongoing with the assistance of federal mediators. It added that management's "reasonable" offer includes across-the-board raises and health and pension benefits it says are better than most other food retailers.

The unions say the company is demanding "unreasonable" wage and benefit cuts.

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