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Meg Myers

Meg Myers released her debit EP in March 2012, titled Daughter in the Choir. Before the EP, Myers released the single "Monster", which had great success as a music video. About her musical style, Myers had said, "I came from this grunge, punk-rock background, but I always wanted to write catchy pop songs. I just didn't have the technical knowledge to make them work. But I grew up listening to well-crafted songs. I loved Sting, Led Zeppelin, Dire Straits, James Taylor and Fleetwood Mac. That's what I was drawn to. I love the simplicity of a great song, I just didn't realize how hard that was to capture in a recording. That's why working with Rosen is so great. It was like, 'Okay, I found this guy I can write songs with and who is really good at turning everything into pop, while still letting me be myself."


Listen to her current single, "Running Up That Hill" below:



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