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Long lines reported at Connecticut polls

Connecticut officials say voter turnout appears to be brisk as residents decide the state's close battle for governor and other races.

The Secretary of the State's Office says there were reports of long lines at many polling places Tuesday morning, but no reports of any major problems. The 2.16 million registered voters in the state is the highest number in recent memory.

The Bethel Registrars report that the voting surge continued through 10am, with 21% of voters casting a ballot. This compares to just a 9% turnout by 10am in the 2017 Municipal Election.

Danbury Mayor Mark Boughton says similar bumps are seen in the City.  At 11am, 21.6% of Danbury voters have cast their ballot.  In 2010 at the same time of day there were 18.5% ballots cast.  In 2014, it was only 15.7%.

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