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Zebra Mussel found on boat hoist removed from Lattins Cove area of Candlewood

A single Zebra Mussel has been found attached to a boat hoist that was removed from the Lattins Cove area of Candlewood Lake on Sunday.  The hoist, docks, and shoreline in the area have been searched thoroughly and Candlewood Lake Authority says there were no indications of additional mussels.

This is the third instance of zebra mussels being found in Candlewood Lake in the last 12 months.

CLA says Zebra mussels can be extremely disruptive to the ecosystems in which they invade. Their population can grow rapidly, and quickly cover hard surfaces like docks, ladders, boats props and hulls, and hoists. Their sharp shells present a potential safety hazard to swimmers without proper footwear. They can also quickly take habitat from native mussels important to the lake's food chain.

CLA will be searching the shoreline of critical areas, including areas where mussels have been found, to search for any additional signs that might have been missed.


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