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Special Bethel Planning, Zoning meeting tonight on affordable housing applications

The Bethel Planning and Zoning Commission is holding a special meeting tonight about two applications for affordable housing projects. 

Based off previous participation from the general public using Zoom videoconferencing, there will be some new criteria in effect tonight.  The applicant, Tim Draper, will present an overview of the proposal for about 20 minutes.  Town staff will review the proposal during the next 20 minutes.  Then general comments will be accepted, but residents are asked to limit remarks to two to three minutes. 

No other business is on the agenda. 

The applications are for 9 units at 47 Shelley Road, and 11 units at 9 Good Hill Road.  Both applications are being made under the state's 8-30g statutes, which allow developers to bypass local zoning regulations, with some exceptions, as long as 30-percent of the units are designated as affordable. 

Tonight's Zoom meeting is at 7pm.  The link to attend can be found on the town's website.


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