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Danbury schools have form to request a change in student cohort

The Danbury School district still has a form on their website about how to change the cohort their student is part of in the hybrid model.  Danbury opened yesterday with distance learning due to a summer spike in COVID-19 cases.  When the hybrid model takes effect, students whose last names beginning with the letters A-L will attend school in person on Monday and Tuesday, and will participate in Distance Learning Wednesday-Friday. Children whose last names begin with M-Z will participate in Distance Learning Monday-Wednesday and attend school in person on Thursday and Friday. Parents may request a change in the cohort under extenuating circumstances. Requests will be granted provided there is space available.  There is a brief questionnaire, which among other things, asks parents if the child is receiving Special Education or ESL Services, if they'll be riding the bus and the reason for the request.


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