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Danbury-based FuelCell Energy signs new agreement with ExxonMobil

Danbury-based FuelCell Energy has signed a new agreement with ExxonMobil.  The company says the two-year expanded joint-development agreement will further enhance carbonate fuel cell technology to capture carbon dioxide from industrial facilities.  The agreement, worth up to 60 million dollars, will focus efforts on optimizing the core technology, overall process integration and large-scale deployment of carbon capture solutions. ExxonMobil is exploring options to conduct a pilot test of next-generation fuel cell carbon capture solution at one of its operating sites.  ExxonMobil and FuelCell Energy began working together in 2016 with a focus on better understanding the fundamental science behind carbonate fuel cells and how to increase efficiency in separating and concentrating carbon dioxide from the exhaust of natural gas-fueled power generation.


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