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Stefanowski concedes gubernatorial race to Lamont

Republican gubernatorial candidate Bob Stefanowski has called Democrat Ned Lamont to concede the race and congratulate him on a hard-fought victory.  While this is not the result he hoped for, Stefanowski says he was glad to draw so much attention to the tax burden in this state.  He hopes that by relentlessly focusing on that issue he has started the conversation on how to bring the tax burden on Connecticut families down. 


Democrats won other statewide contests including Comptroller, Secretary of the State, Treasurer and U.S. Senate.


Voter turnout statewide is about 65-percent.  In Brookfield it was slightly higher at 69-percent.  Danbury and Bethel each had a 58-percent voter turnout.  Bethlehem was 80-percent, Bridgewater 77-percent, Monroe was at 70-percent, New Milford 65-percent, Newtown 77-percent, Roxbury 82-percent and Wilton 72-percent.

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