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Greater Danbury area school districts analyze Conn. reopening guidelines

The State released the guidance to school districts yesterday, calling on local communities to submit plans to Connecticut by July 24th. Bethel School officials say by the third week of July, the district will be holding Zoom parent meetings to provide an overview on what it will "look like" for an in person Fall reopening. This should help families in making the choice between an in person model or opting for a continued Distance Learning. After those parent meetings, Bethel administrators will be surveying parents to determine a family's choice for in person or Distance Learning.

The Danbury Public School District has put together a survey for parents about ideas for a safe school reentry in the fall.  The short survey will be closed tomorrow.  One of the questions asks if families are planning to have kids return for traditional instruction in the school setting.  Another asks if kids will be riding the bus to school.  Parents are also given the option to say, if available, if they would chose an exclusive distance learning model or a hybrid model.  There is also a space for open-ended comments.

The New Milford School Superintendent plans to send out a survey about the August reopening of school buildings.  Dr Kerry Parker says parent feedback will be helpful as the district formulates the reopening plans.  New Milford school administrators are looking at the guidelines released by the state yesterday to discuss implications for operations both logistically and financially.  All guidance from the State will also be shared with the "Envisioning the 2020-21 School Year" advisory team, whose work has begun.  


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