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Greater Danbury residents to vote on bonding, charter revisions

Residents going to the polls today in certain towns will be casting votes for more than just candidates. Every state resident gets to weight in on two constitutional questions.  One would create a lockbox for transportation funding. 

The other requires a public hearing and a 2/3 vote of the legislature before the sale or give away of public lands.   It's for property held by the Department of Energy and Environmental Protection, such as state parks, forests and wildlife areas.  State-owned agricultural lands or Department of Agriculture easements would also be subject to the change.

Residents in New Milford and in Ridgefield are being asked to vote on Charter Revision questions.  In New Milford, the single question is about all of the recommendations in a report from the Charter Revision Commission.  New Milford residents are also being asked whether $6.5 million should be approved for the proposed renovation and expansion of the Library, with the balance of the project to be funded by grants and private contribution.

In Ridgefield, there are nine separate questions.  One is about technical and administrative changes, another restricts people from running for elective office where the terms overlap and two would make the Town Treasurer and Tax Collector appointed positions.  One proposal would separate the Inland Wetlands Board from the Planning and Zoning Commission, consisting of 7 members.  Residents can also decide if they want to have a “Master Budget” schedule specifying the timing and process of the Budget Cycle.  Residents are also being asked whether the a line item in the Board of Selectmen budget of the whole Board of Ed budget can be decreased or deleted by Town Meeting, as long as at least 2% of the qualified voters are present at the start of the meeting.  A new section would be added to the Charter, if approved, to define the process for dealing with appropriations or transfers of unexpended capital project balances.  Article XI could be deleted in its entirety upon the approval and adoption of a Standard of Conduct Ordinance at a Special Town Meeting

Danbury residents will get to weigh in on a more than $102 million appropriation and bond authorization for the construction, upgrades and replacement to the water pollution control plant and facilities system.  It's a $48 million project in Ridgefield. 

Newtown residents are being asked if $14.8 million should be approved for the construction and development of a new police station, including the acquisition of buildings and land at 191 South Main Street and 61 Peck’s Lane. 

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