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Volunteer steering committee formed for proposed Danbury Career Academy

A volunteer steering committee has been formed for the proposed Danbury Career Academy.  Mayor Joe Cavo says former Mayor Mark Boughton, who has been actively involved in each developmental stage of this project, will chair the group. 

Cavo says the Career Academy will make a great addition to Danbury's public schools.  He says it will be an opportunity for students to find careers they may not otherwise be exposed to. 

The City of Danbury will ask residents to vote on the funding for this project via a referendum planned for June. The project, estimated at $93 million, would be reimbursed by the State at 80%. 

Cavo added that the plan with the Summit and the State’s reimbursement allows Danbury to gain critical infrastructure without hurting the pockets of taxpayers.  Developers plan to have businesses and 400 apartments at the former Union Carbide world headquarters and Matrix Center as well.  The Summit developers promised to pay $13 million over 15 years to cover the cost of any additional students the apartments could bring to the city.

The Danbury Board of Education is working on the curriculum development for the proposed academy.  Initial plans call for about 40 classrooms for 1,100 students in grades 6 through 12. 

Steering committee members:

Dr. Sal Pascarella, Superintendent of Danbury Public Schools

Antonio Iadarola, Public Works Director

Courtney LeBorious, DPS Director of Finance and Operations

David St. Hilaire, Director of Finance

Sharon Calitro, Director of Planning

Dean Esposito, Chief of Staff to the Mayor

Fred Visconti, City Council Member

Dan Petrovich, Engineer for the City of Danbury


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