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Redding Zoners push off discussion of proposed firehouse project

A proposal to demolish an existing firehouse and construct a new on in Redding has been tabled by the Zoning Commission.  They met this week for a public hearing about the site plan approval for Black Rock Turnpike, but put the discussion on hold until their next meeting. 

The Conservation Commission has signed off on plans. 

The current firehouse was built in 1927 for a horse-drawn wagon fire company, with additions and renovations over the decades.  A structural engineer has determined that the foundation is falling apart and it would have cost more to renovate the existing facility than to build from new. 

Plans call for 15,000 square feet in a farmhouse-style building with modern amenities.  Larger training and administrative spaces would be located on the second floor, along with overnight suites.  The lower level would serve as a storage area  and supplementary training section.

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