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Brush fire deep in the woods on a steep embankment in Southbury extinguished

A brush fire in Southbury was reported deep in the woods on a steep embankment near Little York Park and George C. Waldo State Park on Saturday. Arriving fire personnel found an escalating brushfire and firefighters worked quickly to establish a barrier between the burning brush and the remainder of the park. 

(Photo: Southbury Fire)

Mutual aid companies, including Brookfield  and Bridgewater Volunteer Fire Departments used boats on Lake Lillinonah to help extinguish the brush fire. Sandy Hook Volunteer Fire & Rescue provided assistance in the woods as well, while Woodbury Volunteer Fire Department provided coverage for Southbury.

Candlewood Marine 25 was special called to the scene and launched from the Newtown boat ramp on Hanover Road due to the Route 133 bridge being closed this weekend for recontruction. Brookfield responded with a brush truck to help equip the marine unit.  Members of both companies prepared Marine 25 for launch by loading it with extra brush equipment and a crew of five. The blaze was deep in the woods and inaccessible by fire apparatus so Marine 25 used its pump and deck gun to begin saturating the fire area with water.


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