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Danbury Public School enrollment on pace to surpass 12,000 students

Danbury Public School enrollment is on pace to surpass 12,000 students.  At the start of the school year there was paperwork pending for 327 students, which would put the total over that figure.  Superintendent Kevin Walston expects there could be some new families enrolling during this first month of school as well.  Kindergarten and 1st grade are the growth areas, but Walston says the middle school enrollment continues to grow.  He says more space is needed at that grade level regardless of social distancing guidelines.  Danbury recently completed an annex for classrooms at Ellsworth Avenue Elementary School, rented a former Catholic school building in Brookfield for Kindergarteners, and plans to construct a career academy for middle and high school students.  Projections from a demographer about the high end of enrollment are that the Danbury Public School District could reach a peak of about 12,425 students in 2024-25.  The low end would be 12,260 students the year before that time.

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