Welcome to 1037 Danbury's New Rock Alternative! Put the power of radio and this fantastic format to work for your business! A market exclusive, 103.7 Danbury's New Rock Alternative will make a great contribution to your marketing plan.

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An untapped market for your business:

1037 Danbury's New Rock Alternativebrings you something new! New rock in Danbury, means a new audience for your business or organization.

Need to promote a special event? Want to move some product?

Maximize a sales event? Counteract a competitive threat?

Maybe you simply want to reach some new rock fans and convert them into fans of your business!

Then it's time to talk to 1037 Danbury's New Rock Alternative.



Radio is the great equalizer for a local business:

It provides you with an opportunity to have

equal footing with your biggest competitor,

the ability to repeat your message hourly and daily,

to build and maintain top of mind awareness.

It's word of mouth that you can control.


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