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DEEP calls on residents to check property for dead trees

Connecticut residents are being urged to check oak and ash trees on their properties after years of drought and invasive forest pests.  The state Departments of Consumer Protection and Energy and Environmental Protection advise homeowners to make assessment of risky dead trees prior to leaf drop later this fall. 


Forestry Division Director Chris Martin says tree removal contractors have been very busy and could have a long waiting list.  Homeowners are also cautioned to do due diligence before choosing a contractor.  Signs you have a risky dead tree include not producing leaves or having already shed their leaves.  


When looking for a contractor, get multiple quotes to ensure that you are hiring the best person to work on your property because the cheapest option may not always be the best option.  Consumer Protection Commission Michelle Seagull says scammers target consumers who are in a rush, and feel the need to act quickly.  A home improvement contractor registration or an Arborist’s license are required.  The Department also recommends having a written contract before work begins to know how long the work is anticipated to take, the costs, and the final outcome.

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