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Court to take up appeal in lake drowning case

HARTFORD, Conn. (AP) Connecticut's Appellate Court is taking up a case involving the 2011 drowning of a 23-year-old Hartford man at a Barkhamsted lake.

A three-judge panel is scheduled to hear arguments Tuesday in a lawsuit over the death of Andres Burgos at Lake McDonough, which is owned by the Metropolitan District Commission.

Burgos' mother, Vivian Perez, sued the MDC in 2013, saying the water and sewer agency was negligent in several ways including not preventing Burgos and his friends from swimming in an undesignated swimming area and being slow to respond to the drowning.

The MDC denies wrongdoing. It also says it has government immunity from the lawsuit and Burgos was trespassing.

A trial court judge agreed with the MDC and dismissed the lawsuit. Perez is appealing.


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