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Lawmakers say old satellite dishes are littering rooftops

HARTFORD, Conn. (AP) Some Connecticut lawmakers want a task force to review what can be done about the over-abundance of old satellite dishes littering apartment building rooftops.

Waterbury Rep. Larry Butler, a Democrat and co-chairman of the General Assembly's Housing Committee, says these dishes are ``just sitting in perpetuity on properties'' because there's nothing that requires old dishes to be removed.

Republican Rep. Anthony D'Melio of Waterbury owns a building and says he spent more than $500 to have a dish removed. He questions why satellite TV companies install new dishes and don't use existing ones or remove old dishes when a new tenant moves in.

D'Melio says one apartment building in Waterbury has eight dishes.

The task force bill cleared the House of Representatives Wednesday 83-61. It now awaits Senate action.

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