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New Fairfield continues to remain mostly without electricity from Tuesday's storm
Eversource appears to have made some significant progress in restoring electricity to some Greater Danbury area towns.  Bethel and Ridgefield saw enough tree clearing and power coming back to reopen schools for the first time since Tuesday. 
Redding is down to about 100 customers without power as of Friday morning.  Eversource work is expected to be substantially complete by this evening, with about a thousand outages remaining.  Sherman has about 300 outages reported with power expected to be back for most residents by tomorrow afternoon.
Eversource is still anticipating to have power substantially restored to the four hardest hit towns by noon on Sunday.  Those impacted towns are Brookfield, Danbury, New Fairfield and Newtown.  In Brookfield, about 74-percent of the town remains in the dark.  Newtown and Danbury each have more than 4,100 outages reported Friday morning. 
98-percent of New Fairfield is still without service.  One of the main roads in New Fairfield, Route 37, remains mostly blocked by downed trees and wires. 
In one case there was an electric wire propped up on a tree limb to lift it off the road.  Fallen electric poles, transmission lines and other infrastructure dots the sides of Route 37. 
There are detours off the detours in order to get from one side of town to the other.
BETHEL midnight Friday 
BROOKFIELD noon Sunday
DANBURY noon Sunday
MONROE  noon Sunday
NEW FAIRFIELD midnight Saturday
NEWTOWN noon Sunday
REDDING midnight Friday
RIDGEFIELD midnight Saturday
SHERMAN noon Saturday
SOUTHBURY noon Saturday


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